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Millions of women suffer from serious psychiatric problems because of the long-term effects of abuse and trauma, including posttraumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorders, and clinical depression. Few centers nationally specifically treat and work with survivors of abuse and trauma. A limited number of for-profit psychiatric hospitals and clinics exist, however access is limited by ability to pay, location of services, and even by particular psychiatric diagnoses. Nonprofit centers for women survivors of abuse are few, and residential facilities are scarce. The Emma Center, a newly formed, grass roots, nonprofit organization with federal tax-exempt status, seeks to fill the gap for those unable to afford care and for others who, for a myriad of reasons, are unable to access mental health resources.  Nonprofit residential centers are vitally needed all over the country. Humboldt County, California, offers an ideal location to start one. It is the long term goal of the Emma Center to open a residential healing center for Humboldt County. Much needs to be done to open a residential facility.


 It is unclear how many women suffer from trauma-related disorders since statistics are not collected uniformly across agencies, counties, states, or even nationally. However, trauma-related disorders continue to be a major problem in Humboldt County, California. In 2002, almost 10% of approximately 30,000 children were identified as victims in child abuse referrals. Last year over 3,000 calls were made to Humboldt Domestic Violence Services from abuse victims. Given the fact that severe and repetitive abuse strongly correlates to increased trauma-related conditions, it makes sense that adult abuse survivors exhibiting trauma-related symptoms would inundate county mental health facilities. Many women in Humboldt County can benefit from receiving resources, referrals, and general support, which The Emma Center provides.

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