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Lending Library

We maintain a free-to-use library with books on many healing topics ranging from sexuality to women’s studies to child abuse, incest, coping with violence and information about trauma-related conditions.



Self-Care Sheets

We have info sheets and handouts on a wide variety of healing-related strategies & practices. Learn how to find and use the pressure points on your body for dealing with an anxiety attack, or breathing exercises to help with insomnia.

Need specific info? Just ask!


Community Education

The consequences of abuse and trauma are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. We offer information and workshops for community organizations and service providers about identifying and dealing with post-traumatic stress and other consequences of abuse, trauma and violence.



  Finding Courage to Speak:
Women's Survival of Child Abuse



The Emma Center, 5251 Ericson Way Suite #3, Arcata, Ca, 95521~ (707) 825-6680